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Light, shadows and colours have always fascinated me. A scene or landscape may be very peaceful and calm. Or rather chaotic and overwhelming. I am especially keen on capturing the interaction that these three have on each other. I search for the dramatic effect. When I was selecting photos for this website, an overview of my work, I realised that most of my pictures I am attached to, represent a form a drama or dramatic scene that I tried to capture. 

When I developed in 2012 an interest in photography, my eye was immediately drawn to the beauty of moments. With my photos I try to capture moments of beauty of cities, architecture, landscapes, interiors and people. Still moments. The play between darkness of light. Light in all its facets and colours, but also black and white. I prefer to work with natural light.

On my travels through Europe, the US and Morocco I was enchanted by beautiful sceneries, situations or moments. But to capture that beauty is sometimes very challenging as the perfect moment occurs in just a blink of an eye. On this website you find a selection of my photos in four categories: Cities, landscapes of Mallorca, the riad hotel El Fenn in Marrakech and Portraits. 

I live in Amsterdam since 11 years. I am still enchanted by its beauty. Sometimes I my eye is drawn to all too famous sights of the historic centre. But lately I getting more and more interested in capturing the beauty of 19th century architecture, combined with dramatic skies. Many cityscape photos have a strong perspective, feature water, and come to me across and sometimes romantic, and sometime mysterious. Sometimes I am confronted with a photo opportunity that could result in a cliché. But that is also fine me. I love to see the sky, the lights of the houses reflected in the water. Or see how the sun reflects in the window of a modern flat building.

The island of Mallorca was not on my list of destinations for a long time. I figured that I didn’t want to be caught in the middle of holiday factories. But when I went, I didn’t. Mallorca proved to be a true gem in the Mediterranean. The intense colour blue of the sky and sea is often overwhelming. The landscape breath-taking. On Mallorca I tried to capture dramatic, yet peaceful landscapes.


I had a similar experience in Marrakech, the dessert city of Morocco that dazzled me. We stayed in the riad El Fenn. This hotel is a magical oasis in the hustle and buzz of the ancient medina. Beautiful colours, decorations, lights, atmosphere and warmth. i`-It's Moroccan, modern and classic. All in one. Intense colours: Red, purple and deep green. In my photos I tried to capture the contrasts of this beautiful Moroccan light, colours and perspectives. Some photos are almost voyeuristic, but always warm, and cosy.

In the coming years I will continue to travel and take my camera with me. Thanks you for joining me on my journey so far.

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